The 9th Gate

An Apocalyptic Treasure Hunt, By Here Be Dragons
Game Basics:
  1. There are nine keycards hidden throughout Zagreb’s city center.   Once discovered, each keycard can be redeemed at Here Be Dragons for a prize.
  2. The approximate locations of the keycards, along with clues leading to their whereabouts, will be revealed on Here Be Dragons Facebook and Instagram pages each day for the next nine days.
  3. As soon as you’ve found a card, use your mobile device to scan the QR code and “close the gate”.
  4. To redeem your prize, send us a photo or video of the card at its location and immediately sms or WhatsApp the photo/video to:  +385 91 600 7099.  Please note, by sending us the photo/video you authorize us to publish it on our social media platforms.
The 9th Gate:  Synopsis
The 9th Gate is a doomsday hacker cult whose mission is to open nine gateways to the underworld.   Each gateway functions as a portal, with the ninth gate providing a direct access point to virtual Hell.
Using a combination of new imaging technology and high speed data networks, the group has become adept at locating and opening these portals across our city.  All nine gates are now open and we need your help to close them.  The nine day countdown to the end of the world has begun…
Our tracking team has infiltrated the computer networks of The 9th Gate and has accessed a small number of data points or “clues” relating to the location of each portal.  Additionally we’ve been contacted by a Ninth Gate member who we believe is having second thoughts on bringing about the Apocalypse.  It’s too risky for our contact to close the gates herself, so she’s dead-dropped a keycard at each of their locations throughout our doomed city.
We need YOU to use the data points we’ve extracted from 9th Gate servers, to identify the locations of the keycards and scan their QR codes to close the gates.  After completing this mission, bring the keycard to Here Be Dragons to redeem your reward.
Transmission End….